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Rarely does a man come into our lives and leave footprints on our mind that last for ever. Richard Kim was such a man.

For the thousands of students who have been touched by this great martial arts master already and for the thousands who will come to understand only his legacy, we, his students, have created this website.

It is our hope that we will do him justice, if even only in a small way. We know that it will not come close to being in the dojo studying the martial arts with him, in a ways only he could teach; which the rest of us can only try to imitate in some small way.

We, the senior students of Sensei Kim, want to personally thank everyone who has so kindly and graciously contributed to the making of this website, whether in a small or large way. We know that it could not have come to fruition without your help.

At the risk of forgetting someone, we will mention no one person in particular.

As Sensei Kim would often say when he was given something, we will also say, “Until the English language comes up with a better phrase than ‘thank you very much’ we will simply say to each and every one of you who contributed, ‘Thank you very much.’”



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